Wheel of Fortune Jackpot Makes Overnight Millionaire 
On Wednesday a Las Flores, California man, Edward Feaser jr., took a ride to Las Vegas after a restless night of just not being able to go to sleep, and tried his luck. Mr. Feaser watched his $20 bet on Wheel of Fortune slot machine coins turn into a whopping $1.8 million. The Wheel of Fortune slot machine is among twenty of Nevada’s MegaJackpots schemes managed by the International Gaming Technologies. The slot machine entered the gaming arena after its original Television game show version became the World’s most popular airing game program. The new millionaire noted that the Wheel of Fortune slot machine game is a favorite of his and he kept on playing until his winning streak of smaller jackpots turned into the “big one”. The winner expressed his thoughts after he won, explaining that it took him a few minutes to realize what kind of progressive jackpot he really hit . He summed it up in one word, “surreal”. The Californian 45 year old labor association’s consultant stated that he will keep on working albeit his big win. He said, “I may think about opening my own business sometime in the future but for now I plan to continue working.”

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