Pai Gow poker is somewhat different from normal poker, though the desired hands remain almost the same. Pai Gow poker is played with 53 cards, which is the standard 52 cards used in poker plus one joker, which can be used as an ace, or to compete a straight, flush or straight flush. 
In Pai Gow poker the player receives 7 cards to divide into one five-card hand and one two-card hand. A two-card hand can be either a pair or two single cards. The player then must make a five card hand with the seven cards which scores higher than the two-card hand. 

If your five-card hand beats the dealer’s five-card hand and your two-card hand beats the dealer’s two-card hand, you win the hand. 
If the dealer’s five-card hand beats your five-card hand and the dealer’s two-card hand beats your two-card hand, the dealer wins the hand. 
If you and the dealer each win one hand, the result is a push, and you receive your original bet back. 
If you fail to set your cards so that the five-card hand outscores the two-card hand, you foul and the dealer wins by default. 

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