The Rebirth of the Slot Machine 

Online Wagering Finds Its Way to The UK 
As prestigious sporting games such as the World Cup and the tennis Wimbledon Championships come into play, gamblers in the UK have been flocking to their PC´s and clicking online. 
The popularity of such sport matches has generated a soaring amount of wagering online and many sport directories are now presenting further online opportunities for betting which has kept UK operators in good spirits.
According to NetValue, a UK based investigative company, “clicks” to online directories is up by 15%. Twenty-seven percent of gamblers last month happened to be Mothers. However, gaming venues are still weary about underage gamblers managing to gamble online, as an alleged 24% of “clicks” were by people between the ages of 17 – 25. Though it is still blurry on whether underage kids actually succeeded to make a bet. 
Nonetheless, it was reported that companies who also have land-based set-ups enjoyed the highest increase last month. It was noted that Norway and Germany have witnessed the most growth among European countries when it came to Internet betting