Poker, the most widely played card game, is making a front row appearance on T.V. thanks to Lakes Gaming Inc. with its launching of World Poker Tour, LLC. WPT will host l3 poker events worldwide with megabucks to be made. Finalists in each of these events will play for millions. At the end of the season, the grand finale will host the winners from each event. Anyone though, who offers a $25,000 buy-in, is eligible to play in the finals and to take a shot at the championship title. Lakes Gaming Inc., headed by Lyle Berman, a poker pro himself, and World Poker Tour head, Steven Lipscomb, have joined in the venture. World Poker Tour took off on May 26 in Las Vegas at a reception at the Bellagio. On May 27, the first event took place, the Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic, with the final event marked on June 1st. This final event was taped and will be televised at a future date.