The Internet Gaming Commission Signals Red Flag 
The Internet Gaming Commission has sent an urgent warning out to its members regarding fraudulent behavior attacking reputable sites. Six months ago The Internet Gaming Commission learned of three bogus sites, Gamblers Palace, Simple Net Bet and Skytower, under the auspices of one person, and sent an alert stating “Extreme Caution Urged”. The bogus site in turn, to cover itself and the damage it caused to its “fraudulent” site, countered the Commissions claim by sending out the same message, “Extreme Caution Urged” to legitimate sites. The bogus sites along with its message, copied the Gaming Commissions site in an attempt to further woe traffic oblivious to this foul play, to their own fraudulent sites. The Gaming Commission has put a red flag out to its members to check their site for any sign of false claims to their site. Legal action is being taken to rid the market of this fraud.

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