The KMRB Suspends Online Games 
Latterly, the Korea Media Rating Board revealed that a wide amount of online gaming providers have been deferred from operating “foe casino- style” set-ups. A number of online gaming companies, such as Dacom Multimedia Internet Inc, have already been subject to the suspension. The deferment includes a 60 day service freeze, as well as a revision of the current status of fifteen cash play online games, such as poker and mahjong. Before given the green light to proceed with business as usual, the companies need to be evaluated by the Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB). Trepidations have been arising, over certain trendy children games such as Tetris, which has entered the gambling arena. Under Korean law, online gaming players who win, only receive cyber cash as their prize, which has no true worth. However, of late, gaming winners are awarded with online shopping coupons and lottery tickets. A representative for Dacom Multimedia explained that there may have been some confusion on the part of the KMRB on the subject of game play and money. Although, an executive from KMRB commented on the matter, saying, “We consider any game that allows the conversion of cyber-money to cash or the equivalent in the form of gifts to players as gambling, and therefore illegal.”