The writer of “Casino Gambling the Smart Way,” Andrew N.S. Glazer, lets us in on a new trial done by casinos all over the country. The experiment deals with a new Blackjack rule that would knock down as Mr.Glazer puts it, a “semi-counter” player. A “semi-counter” player usually keeps an eye out on how the deck is going and watches out for how many tens and aces still hang about in the deck, rather than counting cards throughout the game. A Blackjack game generally presents 3-2 odds (a $15 payoff on a $10 bet) for doling out blackjack, meaning an ace or 10 valued card. However, the new rule of 6-5,Adjusts the odds by around 1% in the houses favor raising its percentage rate. The 6-5 rule will propose a $12 payoff on a $10 wager for any Blackjack hand. Nonetheless, the new rule is more likely to be used on single –deck games, where by counting cards is by far more attainable, even after seeing merely twelve cards from the deck. On the other hand casinos have not as of yet employed the new rule to “multi –deck” games, making it harder for card counters to achieve noteworthy sums. Mr. Glazer elaborates and explains that for example, if you initially bet $200 and then hit a blackjack that shells out $240 rather than $300, the houses 1 percent raise may then appear momentous.

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