The jackpot mania boom has ripped through society’s veins becoming an hysteria battlefield. As the expression goes,”money makes the world go round”, and money can also make you spiral into a black whole of quick sand waiting to bury you under the ground. But ,we still dream about that one ticket that will make sure your life is good. Money seems to be the by-product we always seem to get at in the end. All aspects in life end up with a sum subconsciously dreaming its way into your piggy bank. Today’s jackpot rage insistedly pushes its way above a grasping imaginative point that is unlikely any one can deal with calmly, hence society’s craze. Society’s “the bigger the better” idea has sexually aroused people into believing that simply, the bigger the better, is better. And so a million dollars becomes a hold on a ticket until the jackpot reaches thirty million dollars. I am sure many of us have waited to buy a ticket, saying, “I’ll wait until it’s really worth my while to play. Like a million dollars won’t do it for you. People are deceived into thinking that the “bigger the better” idea can also be applied here, which is not true at all. The bigger the jackpot the less chance you have of winning. It is a logical probable theory that the more money in the jackpot the odds of winning are slim. Many sites and pop up banners are on an advertising and promotive mission to sway you in with huge number tactics. Our naivety seduces us to click on the huge number, however we never seem to see the big bucks rolling in. My advise to you is to stay away from big jackpots and play for a little bit less. Anyway, it is more than what you started out with. From here on all you need is a little faith and a little luck and you won’t be dreaming anymore. 
Remember you may find that good luck charm the ticket to your big win.

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